God allows bad things happen because He wants to test us whatever we do what is good or wrong, He gave us our freedom choice unlike robots so that's why most  people in this world made wrong chose things does not obey God's laws made war, crime, rape, thief, and etc. But bad things have to happen before the end of world because He wants to see if His people still trust Him or have a faith in Him. 
Tigran Khachikyan



Nune Shakhramanyan

Fri, 22 May 2009 23:49:41

It's true, I've noticed and seen good and bad thing that I've been through in hard times. Lucky I always avoided wrong ways and bad things. If you feel you're in danger you can help yourself to avoid bad things until you'll have any problems.
I've always had a faith in God since I was little. First, thank to my mom she explained to me why we were going to church and what were doing there. Second, my neighbor had a very bad son, same age as mine. He was very bad student, did bad crime, wanted to be raper, was thief, hurt everybody, even he was fired from 5th grade and never studied again. I was very careful, tried to pray every day it helped. Then time went on I learned, saw more thing that went through my life gave me experience and made me believe more in God and have more faith in God. Today I still continue to believe, have a faith in God and learn about it more and never forget to avoid bad things & wrong ways.
Take care & God bless you!


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