Religion is living with God. We will learn about God in other lessons of this blog. We will see that He is the unseen Maker of the world and that it is He Who preserves the World. People in all ages and in all countries have had a religion because it is natural for man to want to know his Maker, to love Him and to live with Him. This desire is world-wide and cannot be destroyed, although other desires sometimes take its place and lead us in wrong direction, that is, away from God.


God allows bad things happen because He wants to test us whatever we do what is good or wrong, He gave us our freedom choice unlike robots so that's why most  people in this world made wrong chose things does not obey God's laws made war, crime, rape, thief, and etc. But bad things have to happen before the end of world because He wants to see if His people still trust Him or have a faith in Him. 
Tigran Khachikyan